Democracy No More- Bengal falls prey to dictatorship

Harsh Sanghavi

May 27, 2021

The post-poll violence in West Bengal which erupted is not only disastrous, by damaging to India’s political fabric. As the world’s largest democracy, our country is known for a robust political atmosphere, where multiple parties co-exist, contest elections and form a government. The losing party respects the verdict of people. This is always how elections in India, whether they are fought at the National, and State or Local levels are held. India has long cherished the central tenets of democracy and a peaceful transition of power.

The violence currently unearthing in West Bengal is a tragedy and unfortunate to say the least. It is a blot on India’s smooth electoral system. The goons from the ruling Trinamool Congress Party is directly responsible for the chaos unfolding in the state. What is indeed sad is the fact that within 48 hours of the election results, violence and savagery was unleashed in the state. The Mamata Banerjee led state, allowed goons to be on the loose and kill, torture people who didn’t happen to support her or her party.

The day after the election results were announced, around 14 people lost their lives in the clashed led by the TMC. The post-poll violence in the state of West Bengal has serious repercussions on the functioning of a healthy democracy. It not only sets a bad example, but encourages and emboldens goons and miscreants to disrupt the order and the peace of civil society.

In the chaos that followed, not only have BJP party workers been killed and murdered, even women and children have not been spared in this brutal clash. According to several reports from reputed news organisations and emerging stories from the ground, a lot of women have been molested and raped.

India is widely recognised and appreciated across the world for being a vibrant democracy, such reports of savagery and brutality puts the entire nation in a bad light. What is indeed disturbing is that people have died for supporting opposing ideology. People on the ground and family members of the deceased have spoken out TMC goons have entered their home, their brother; husband or sons have been thrashed, pulled out of their house, dragged, beaten up and tortured.

Kilometres ahead, they are found dead, in a pool of blood. Their heads have been smashed and have been dragged by wires around neck. These are just few harrowing tales of cruelty and barbarism in the state.

Not only party workers, even voters and supporters of BJP have not been spared. Citizens have been punished for voting for BJP. TMC supporters have barged into homes and tortured people, demanding to know why they voted for BJP. The most appalling and distressing part about the entire situation is that women have received death threats and some have also been allegedly raped. Some of the victims have not even spoken out due to fear of backlash. They fear for their lives and the lives of their loved ones, so they’re instead forced to suffer in silence.

This vicious circle of violence seems endless. TMC supporters not only resorted to beating people and molesting women, but even damaged property. They vandalised the homes and the shops of the BJP workers in various parts of the state. Several party workers were killed by TMC goons and thousands of homes belonging to the party workers were damaged.

The real callousness is from the state police machinery. While the state of West Bengal is in the throes of intense fight between two opposing ideologies, that has left several people dead and injured others, the police and the administration did nothing to stop it. Neither did they intervene nor did they help the victims who came begging for protection from the goons. No action was taken by the police against the perpetrators even after the police were informed.

This kind of lawlessness is not a surprise in West Bengal. Under the leadership of Mamata Banerjee, the entire state is in the middle of turmoil. Bengal is notorious for its political dominance, but it is the duty and the responsibility of the elected representatives in power to punish the guilty and restore peace and calm.

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