A step towards creating a more sustainable Gujarat, as Govt. announces new policy for electric vehicles

Harsh Sanghavi

Jun 22, 2021

The Gujarat Government under the leadership of Hon’ble CM, Vijay Rupani, declared ‘Gujarat Electric Vehicle Policy 2021’. This policy will have a positive ripple effect on e-transportation industry and help make cities greener, healthier and less polluted. It is aimed at increasing the use of electric cars and giving a boost to its manufacturing in Gujarat.
The policy sets out an ambitious target to witness 2 lakh electric cars on the streets of Gujarat in the next 4 years.

There are several provisions under this new policy, the govt. is set to give out a subsidy upto Rs.20 thousand for 2 wheelers, 50 thousand for 3 wheelers, and upto 1.5 lakh for 4 wheelers which will be directly credited to bank accounts via DBT. Gujarat will give double the subsidy than any other state for e-vehicles on per kilowatt.
Another important allocation in this policy is that 100 percent exemption from motor registration fee will be provided to those vehicles passed by the department. This means that vehicles registered at Gujarat RTO whether it is private or commercial will be exempted from payment of any registration fee. Gujarat government will provide this subsidy in addition to the various incentives offered to vehicle buyers under the Electric Vehicle Promotion Scheme (Frame-II).

This policy not only encourages buying e-vehicles, but also invests in the required development of infrastructure for electric vehicles like battery charging. Around 250 new charging stations to be installed across the state, in addition to the existing 278 stations in Gujarat. Moreover, Petrol pumps will be given approval to establish charging station along with setting up of stations at housing and commercial constructions. This policy is carefully prepared and designed to give employment opportunities in all areas including sales, lending, charging, driving and training. This will also encourage new start-ups and investments in this field.

The Electric Vehicle Policy was also announced with the motive to dispel and break the myths that electric cars are unaffordable, expensive and beyond the scope of common man. Accessibility and Affordability to common citizens were the two key criterions upon which this entire policy was framed. If this target of 2 lakh electric cars on the roads of Gujarat is met with resounding success, fuel worth a total of Rs.5 crore will be saved and a minimum of 6 lakh ton of CO2 emissions will reduce. This will help build a more environment friendly and sustainable future for ourselves and the coming generation.

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